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Frameless Sliding Glass Doors - NextGeneration Slider

A frameless sliding glass door for the future of architecture.

The NextGeneration Slider (NGS) View is a frameless sliding glass door, offering floor to ceiling glass and a total transparency of 99.3% percent when the sliding glass doors are closed.  

Utilising four depths of unique aluminium profiles, the fully thermally broken glass door offers a frameless visual when the doors are closed. No frame is visible above the floor finishes with all base framing and tracks built into the floor structure. The result is a floor to ceiling frameless sliding glass door with exceptionally high levels of performance to meet future building requirements.  

The option for the hidden handle also allows the locking profile to be completely hidden within the wall structure, creating truly frameless sliding glass door with wall-to-wall glass. You then only see the interlockers of the glass units between each sliding pane which have an ultra slim 26mm vertical profile.  

Specification Information

As well as a frameless sliding glass door design, the NGS View also showcases the ability for exceptionally large glass sizes as well as enhanced performance.  

The performance of these frameless sliding glass doors has been designed with the future in mind. Recycled aluminium is used for the profiles with multi chamber thermal breaks for the highest levels of insulation.  

Four ranges of glass depths are possible from 34mm to 74mm insulated glass possible.  

Sliding glass panels can also push the boundaries with glass doors up to 6m tall, 1500kg and 18m2 each.  

Floor to Ceiling Glass

These are frameless sliding glass doors, providing a true floor to ceiling glass finish offering 99.3% transparency.  

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The Hidden Handle

Integrate the option for the hidden handle to hide all exterior framing, leaving just the vertical interlocks visible.  

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Soft Open/Close

A small integrated drive can capture the sliding glass panel when almost closed and pull it shut gently. Optional.  

A Floor to Ceiling Glass Door

Glass within the NGS View spans from floor to ceiling with no visible frame above the FFL. Fixed and sliding glass units appear as one, minimising the impact this thermally broken, insulating building element has on indoor-outdoor connections. 

By ensuring that the glass spans floor to ceiling, and by combining the hidden handle detail into the design, specifiers can achieve a truly frameless design with only the vertical interlocker visible. 

Large Sliding Glass Thickness

Each sliding glass door can be up to 1500kg per panel with a max size of 6m tall and 18m2.  

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Four Options for Glass Thickness

The NGS comes with four rebate options to allow for any insulated  glass depth from 34mm to 74mm.  

High Performance

Air Permeability Class 4, Wind Resistance Class C4, Driving Rain Class 8A, Insulation from Uw values of 0.8 W/m2K, RC3 security rating.  

High Performance

The NextGeneration Slider is the sliding glass door of tomorrow. 

With glass thicknesses from 34-74mm possible, exceptionally insulating Uw values are possible able to meet the energy requirements for 2025 and beyond. Thanks to a multi-chamber thermal break, the entire system of glass and frame works together to create a fully insulating glass door that can create a full facade. 

Additional performances like air permeability, wind resistance and water resistance are all fully certified and security at RC3 is built into the design. 

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As the only supplier of the NextGeneration Slider in the UK, you can only get this exclusive frameless sliding glass door system here. 

Contact the team to get more information about this latest advance in sliding glass technology. 

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