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Slim Sliding Windows | minimal windows

The sliding glass window with minimal sightlines.

Keller minimal windows slim sliding windows are a high-end and contemporary solution for creating a slim sliding window system in architectural design. These sliding doors are renowned for their sleek and minimalistic design, allowing for a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces while maximizing natural light and views. With a flush interior finish, just the glazing and vertical frames are visible ensuring that views are uninterrupted. 

Specification Information

Adapting minimal windows sliding doors into a window can be done seamlessly. The only creative barrier is that the system must be larger than 700mm in height to ensure the locking system is secure and PAS24 certified. With a flush interior finish the base and head frames are completely hidden allowing for clear views.

If specified, the windows can be up to 8.5m2, allowing for a vast window opening with endless options for your bespoke sliding window. As well as this, the usual 1.1m handle height is eliminated with the handle being free to be installed anywhere on the vertical frame for easy operation.

The performance of these systems follow the existing performance of the minimal windows sliding doors with exceptional thermal performance of 1.1 W/m2K and fully tested PAS24 security ratings (this means the systems are compliant with the latest English building regulations).


Flush Finish

The KELLER minimal windows® system has a flush head and base detail with a flush internal to external floor finish. With a vertical frame of only 21mm where panels meet the slim framing profile allows maximum glass versus minimal frame resulting in the best sliding glass windows up to 8.5m2

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Large Glass Sizes

Each sliding glass window pane can be up to 8.5m2, with fixed windows available up to 18m2. The windows have been tested to a maximum height of 4m.

Handle Options

Unlike the sliding doors, the handle (both bolt and key locking) can be installed at any desired height. This allows for easy operation of the system. 

Exceptional Performance

The system is fully tested for protection against the elements including air tightness, protection against wind and driving rain. Security ratings of PAS24 are also confirmed.  

Highly Insulated

Using multi chamber thermal break technology and highly insulating glass, the system achieves Uw values from 1.1 W/m2K.  

Glass Specification

The system holds a double glazed unit up to 34mm thick. As standard the glass includes a low-e coating and argon gas filling. Additional glass options are available.

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Luxury Sliding System

minimal windows® is the world’s premier high end sliding system. High specification projects have influenced every area of the modern sliders development, including performance, ergonomics, and design. Performance and design are married by integrating all technologies within the sleek aluminium framing of the well-rounded door system.

PAS 24 Testing

According to PAS 24:2016 requirements, this high security sliding glass system has undergone testing.

This system is certified to be a high security sliding glass system that is appropriate for both residential and business settings.

This applies to systems up to 2636mm tall. Testing was done on a two pane minimal windows sliding door in a sliding over fixed arrangement.


Automated Options

Linear drive and topslide automation are possible with the sliding window.

As all motor functions are located in the head of the sliding glass window and are hidden by the building finish.

Electric Locking

Upgrade the standard locking solution with an integrated electro-magnetic lock. The lock can be activated via any electrical means, including smart home technologies. 

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