Luxury Homes

sanctuary house which has floor to ceiling glazing and uses minimal windows slim sliding doors

minimal windows® and Rooflights

minimal windows® and Rooflights Combining innovative glazing solutions Combine minimal windows high-quality glazing systems with rooflights to increase ventilation whilst maximising natural light and views.

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floor to ceiling sliding glass doors

Edge Hill

Edge Hill – Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors new build house uses floor to ceiling sliding glass doors A contemporary new build home in Newcastle

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Kewferry Drive

Kewferry Drive new build house with minimal windows® Multiple units of KELLER minimal windows® were used across the rear elevation of this new build house

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White Corner

White Corner fully glazed wall created with slim framed sliding glass doors Slim sightlines of 21mm are achieved with these minimal windows sliding glass doors,

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Luxury Villa

Luxury Villa luxury residence with sliding doors This luxury villa design used minimal windows® on all elevations to bring in light and make the most

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