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Base Options for minimal windows

Flush Threshold Base Frame

The standard minimal windows® base frame is 38mm deep (or 80mm for minimal windows® 4+) and designed to sit below the finished floor level. The sliding door frames then sit within the recessed sliding door track and result in a sliding track 12-13mm deep.

This standard base frame creates a frameless and flush finish across the threshold and allows for a floor to ceiling elevation of glass with no base protruding frame.

Thanks to the shallow base recess the system is certified for barrier-free accessibility under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2.

Freeway Base Frame

The specialist Freeway Base offers a level crossing across the base threshold, resulting in a base detail with no indents or recesses within the floor. The sliding rail is not recessed into the frame and ensures a step-less, smooth transaction from inside to out.

The Freeway Base can be extremely useful on projects with a large number of tracks, where the tracks are likely to be walked over in bare feet, or in areas frequented by wheelchair users.

With a floor level installation and no floor depression, the base frame is continuous from inside to out. The resulting finish offers a flush and frameless threshold with the sliding panes offering a visible 38mm frame above-finished floor level.


Integrated Drainage

Whether you opt for a standard Flush Threshold Base or a Freeway Base, integrated drainage is available.

Beneath the aluminium base frame, a neoprene drainage block sits. Water runoff from the glass and frame drains through the base frame and onto the neoprene block below. Using built-in water runoff grooves the water is then drained to the external.

Outside you could opt for the integrated drainage channel or you could specify your own drainage solution. If you are looking to design your own external drainage we could recommend a French drainage solution to maintain the flush threshold and allow for an adequate drainage volume.

Please note that we do not offer an external drainage channel for minimal windows® 4+ systems. Instead, we recommend an external French drainage solution.