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Juliet Balconies

Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies

Upper floors and balconies can still benefit from the clear, frameless appearance of the Keller minimal windows® sliding glass door system.

By skillfully integrating frameless glass balustrades within the base track of the sliding glass doors, hiding all fixings and support minimally within the aluminium frame, you can create an entirely frameless modern glass Juliet Balcony, maintaining the minimal appearance of the sliding glass door system.

These upper floor sliding balcony glass doors can be designed to mirror the sliding glass doors fitted to lower floors for a uniformed design appearance throughout the floor changes of a multi-storey build.

Flush floor finishes can still be created internally for a full floor to ceiling glass facade, not broken by unnecessary balustrade fixings, supports or rails

Frameless Balconies

Keller minimal windows® sliding doors can easily be used on any size of external balcony, creating a frameless merging of inside to outside.

The optional flush drainage channel available from IQ Glass to integrate with the Keller minimal windows® sliding doors is a high volume water drain, capable of being used on minimal balcony structures. See ‘technical’ for information about this flush drainage system.

The water integrity of the drain and the Keller minimal windows® allows you to drain small areas of balcony back towards the sliding doors and drain, allowing the flush threshold drain to drain this water away effectively.

Using frameless glass balustrades as safety guards to these balcony areas allow you to maintain the frameless nature of these sliding glass doors, allowing uninterrupted light in and a clear vision out.

iq glass white lodge architectural glass

No visible fixing

All fixings to the integral modern Juliet Balcony balustrade are hidden within the base track framing of the Keller minimal windows® for a fully frameless appearance.