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Juliet Balcony Sliding Glass Doors & Windows

Sliding glass doors pairing with frameless structural glass

Upper floors and balconies can still benefit from the clear, frameless appearance of the KELLER minimal windows sliding glass door system with Juliette balconies.  By skillfully integrating frameless glass balustrades within the base track of the sliding glass doors, hiding all fixings and support minimally within the aluminium frame, you can create an entirely frameless modern glass Juliet Balcony, maintaining the minimal appearance of the sliding glass door system.  These upper floors sliding balcony glass doors can be designed to mirror the sliding glass doors fitted to lower floors for a uniformed design appearance throughout the floor changes of a multi-storey build.  Flush floor finishes can still be created internally for a full floor to ceiling glass facade, not broken by unnecessary balustrade fixings, supports or rails.
renovated London house with sliding glass door and Juliet balcony
frameless balconies in a new build house

Installing Juliet Balconies

KELLER minimal windows sliding doors can easily be used on any size of external balcony, creating a frameless merging of inside to outside. 

The optional flush drainage channel available from, our glazing partner, IQ Glass to integrate with the ultra-slim sliding glass doors is a high-volume water drain, capable of being used on minimal balcony structures.  

See base options for minimal windows high performance glazing solutions page for information about this flush drainage system. 

The high-quality minimal windows® solutions with flush threshold and channel drainage towards the  rear of the sliding doors allows water to drain away effectively. 

Using frameless glass balustrades as safety guards to these balcony areas invites natural light in with clear uninterrupted views out.

juliet balcony

How Safe is a Juliet Balcony?

Juliet Balconies are fully certified as fit for use and can handle leaning weights of up to 3 people at once.

Any Juliet balcony installation must follow the guidelines set forth in Part K of the Building Regulations Act of 2000. The top point of this kind of balcony must be at least 110 cm above floor level, per this official safety documents. Moreover, any spaces between the balcony railings, if any, must be no wider than 10 cm.

Having these guidelines in place ensure that any balcony installation adhere to the British building regulations. 

frameless structural glass for Juliet balconies
Juliet balconies with sliding glass doors

Benefits of Juliet Balconies

A Juliet Balcony is a great addition to maximise ingress of natural light all year round with the benefit of uninterrupted landscape views. Frameless structural Juliet Balconies are discreet, complementing any architectural style of the exterior facade. 

The slim sliding glass doors of the balcony enhances ventilation within the internal living areas once opened. Toughened glass balustrades in front of the sliding glass solutions provide safety on upper floors with easy access for maintenance and cleaning. 

Juliet balconies can be specified to any length, however it is important to consider site delivery, installation and moving the balustrade to the place of installation. Due to this, many balustrades will feature “breaks” in the glass panes which can be aligned with the interlocks of the sliding system. 

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