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Hidden Pocket Doors

External sliding pocket doors

Open an entire face of a building with external sliding hidden pocket doors. The minimal windows® sliding glass doors can be easily designed and detailed to slide into a concealed pocket door system within external walls or over the internal or external face of buildings to open a larger area. 

The hidden pocket doors can be a single pane, multiple panels or bi-parting, sliding into opposite pockets.

Sliding glass pocket doors can also slide away from a corner connection and slide into their cavity pockets for a completely open corner to a room.

External hidden pocket doors have many benefits, such as allowing a fully open aperture to a door opening, maintaining flush floor finishes from inside to outside and hidden framing on the surround for a frameless opening door. When slid open these innovative sliding glass doors have a sealing cap on the end, closing up the open cavity, weather sealing and insulating it.

Below is an example of a three pane hidden pocket door in a modern home renovation in our Waldegrave project

minimal windows three pane sliding glass pocket door closed
minimal windows three pane sliding glass pocket door partially open
minimal windows three pane sliding glass pocket door fully open

Single cavity hidden pocket doors

Single cavity pocket doors are great for smaller openings, allowing full opening through the lesser aperture. Here you can slide open the entire door opening for a nearly identical design appearance when the doors are open and closed.

Unlimited numbers of panels can be slid into hidden pockets within walls with 60mm of depth required for each panel being hidden away. If there is insufficient space for sliding doors to be hidden away within walls it can be possible to slide the frameless concealed sliding doors onto the internal face of a solid wall to allow for a fully open aperture.

Why not mix a pocket door and open corner? The sliding glass doors that go into the wall can open away from a corner connection and then slide away into hidden cavity pockets within the walls for an invisible, disappearing sliding door

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single hidden pocket door with a two and tree pane slider in a luxury home design
sliding exterior pocket doors used in a modern Juliet balcony design

Juliette Balconies With Hidden Pocket Doors

Maintain minimal framing and large glass facades on upper floors with an invisible Juliette Balcony detail. A frameless glass balustrade can be invisibly integrated into the tracks of the minimal windows® sliding doors allowing doors to be opened on higher levels. Alternatively, a frameless glass balustrade can be installed just inside the sliding glass pocket doors or attached to the exterior of the building. When the door is open and hidden within the wall cavity, this leaves a completely clear structural opening for maximum ventilation whilst maintaining a good level of safety. Read more about Frameless Juliette Balconies.

Open Corner Sliding Pocket Door

Open, frameless corners are the epitome of the indoor-outdoor design trend. minimal windows® sliding doors can be easily designed to slide away from a meeting corner connection leaving no frame, or posts in the way.

When hidden pocket doors are specified in an open corner configuration, as seen in our Malbrook Road project to the right, this allows the rooms to be completely opened up and merged with the outdoor space. 

Looking at the open aperture, the hidden pocket doors and completely concealed within the building finishes for a modern and minimal design. This is enhanced by the completely flush threshold of our sliding door systems. 

These hidden pocket doors can be specified with a flush threshold that is certified for barrier free access, allowing for truly step free transitions between the interior and exterior living spaces. 

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exterior glass hidden pocket doors in a modern home extension design

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