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Magnetic Base Seals For High Performance Pivot Doors

High Performance Pivot Door With Magnetic Base Seals

The minimal windows pivot door is a system which we see installed and specified for projects consistently. Pivot doors can be a great way to add a stylistic touch to a project while serving a great deal of functionality.  

A pivot door works by a push and pull mechanism similar to a normal hinged door, however a high performance pivot door from minimal windows swings open on a two point pivot opposed to a 2 or 3 hinged door. Pivot doors are commonly installed throughout projects wherever an architect sees fit. For example the entrance of a project could have a pivot door opening that serves as a large front door. You could also specify internal pivot doors.  

Minimal windows high performance pivot door general information.

The pivot door for minimal windows has a hold open and self-closing mechanism built into the head framing for convenience, especially when the window is made in big sizes. To mimic the appearance of the minimum windows sliding doors, an ergonomic two point thrust lever locking mechanism is built into the pivot window’s opening edge. All drainage is built into the base of the pivot door’s minimum windows, allowing for a flush threshold when the door is opened. A top-notch magnetic sealing strip should be placed under the door for better security and weather protection. When the door is shut, the seal rises up and slides into a void at the bottom of the door leaf. 

high performance pivot doors with magnetic seal

Magnetic base seal in detail

The minimal windows magnetic base seal is a simple but very effective system addition which has taken our pivot doors to the next level of performance. Upon inspection you can see the thin magnetic bar nestled between the rubber join which brings the pivot door and the FFL together.  

When closed the magnetic strip jumps up and creates a bottom seal between the FFL and door. This improves thermal performance drastically and also locks the picot door in place for additional rigidity. It is important to note that is creates not just a thermal seal, but a weather seal as well. Water and other elements will be forced into the drain system due to this design.  

A FAQ that we get at minimal windows concerning the magnetic seal for our pivot doors is how does the magnetic strip drop back down into its slot and allow the door to open? The answer to this is a very simple and effective design choice which was to make the pivot door sealing strip rounded. This allows the door to be forced back over the strip and therefore open. As you can image if the sealing strips were square the resistance when opening the door would be considerably greater.  

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