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Integrated Shading

Automated Shading

Automated shading increases comfort and control of the atmosphere while increasing privacy and enhancing your decor.

minimal windows have set a new standard for luxury with there automated shading system offering a reduction in glare and lower heat gain.

3d_keller minimal windows shading

Warema External Blinds

Warema external blinds offer sun shading with a controlled system providing the perfect amount of light throughout the day.

The external blinds are designed to fall to the bottom of the window pane offering maximum weather protection. A range of different slats is available; beaded slats, flat slats and dim-out slats are integrated easily into the existing window.

The system is designed to resist wind forces of up to 25 m/s. The guide rails are screwed on directly to the cover panels of the blind keeping the blind in line, stable and accurate.

This offers options to slide neatly back into the blind box with full control offered from a remote control.

Patented Keller Corner Sliding Shade

Patented Keller corner sliding shade is a great system for providing full protection against wind and sun offering an obstacle-free passage without any vertical corner elements.

The system offers unrestricted views and maximum shading potential.

The double-sided lamellar drive motor is available in different angles of the inside and outside corner and can be seamlessly integrated with bespoke designs of minimal windows and fully operated by button or radio. The remote control offers full control of the blind allowing control of the suns glare at the touch of a button. 

They can cover a maximum area of 20m².

A lovely design of edged slats and guide rails is also integrated allowing it to literally glide with a wide range of design options available as well.