Open Corner Sliding Doors

Open Corner Sliding Doors

Open corner sliding doors can create open, frameless corners and are the epitome of the indoor-outdoor design trend. KELLER minimal windows® can be easily designed to slide away from a meeting corner connection leaving no frame, or posts in its way. An open corner to a room or space gives a feeling of extreme openness, allowing designers to effectively push back two entire walls for even greater access to the outside. The open corner in Keller minimal windows® is created with male and female connector joints than can be engineered to connect at nearly any angle required for your project. When closed the square aluminium frame at the connection seals effectively for full weather protection. A floating roof, seemingly defying the laws of gravity, coupled with the flush floor finishes of the minimal windows systems, can create a striking open appearance to even the smallest of extensions.

Inovative technology

An open corner detail can also work well on inverted corners, creating courtyard spaces with dynamic movement options from the internal areas to external areas. These are great for basement light wells or inner garden courtyards. These sliding doors can open on corners from 65 degrees to 177 degrees, as well as 90 degree corners.

‘Multi corner sliders’ are also possible with the minimal windows® system, this means that when the doors are slid open one elevation slides away from the building fabric, making sure that points of travel are possible across all tracks.

Where a cantilevered roof or similar is being introduced to maximise on the open nature of the open corner sliding doors designers must keep in mind that these slim framed sliding glass doors can only take a live load deflection of +/-5mm.

Why not mix a pocket door and open corner? The sliding glass doors can open away from a corner connection and then slide away into hidden cavity pockets within the walls for an invisible, disappearing sliding door.

mountain house concealed sliding pocket doors

Invisible Pocket Doors

Where a fully open aperture is required you can design any number of Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors to slide away into hidden pockets within a wall out of sight. When closed the sliding doors maintain their slim 21mm framing profile. Find out more about Hidden Pocket Doors.

Juliette Balconies

Maintain minimal framing and large glass facades on upper floors with an invisible Juliette Balcony detail. A frameless glass balustrade can be invisibly integrated into the tracks of the Keller minimal windows® sliding doors allowing doors to be opened on higher levels. Read more about Frameless Juliette Balconies.
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