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Slot Aeration

Sliding Door Ventilation

When installing a minimally frame sliding door ventilation could be a key concern. As minimal windows outer profiles are completely hidden within the building finishes, it isn’t possible to install typical or traditional ventilation for sliding doors. This is where slot aeration can be useful.  

By installing multiple locking points at the locking edge of the slim sliding door, you can lock the sliding doors partially open therefore creating sliding door ventilation the entire height of the glass door.

The T junction of the locking profile slides slightly out of the receiving U profile hidden within the wall. This slightly loosens the weather tight connection at this locking edge and provides full height ventilation for the sliding door in a secured design.

oversized sliding glass doors

It is possible to install up to three locking points with the minimal window sliding door system therefore allowing you to secure the sliding doors into the locked position or two ventilation positions. The ventilation positions allow a 20 mm or 40 mm ventilation gap the full height of the sliding glass door. This option for sliding door ventilation is unique to the minimal windows systems and tackles a unique issue that is prevalent within the minimal frame sliding door market.

The integration of slot aeration as sliding door ventilation allows architects and specifiers to maintain the minimal design of the minimal window system and hide all outer framing within the building finishes for a full floor to ceiling glass design. It’s the responsibility of the principle designer to determine the amount of ventilation required however slot aeration can be a useful addition to the ventilation designs of a building or extension.

slot aeration in a glass door

The ventilation locking points within the ceiling and the floor are coloured to the same finish as the aluminium profiles. These ventilation locking points will require a cut out within the ceiling and the floor however once installed these ventilation points are completely flush with the floor and ceiling finishes as with the typical locking position.

The option to include sliding door ventilation within the minimal windows installation puts minimal windows ahead of the rest in terms of creating healthy ventilated and bright internal spaces. If you would like to investigate whether this option for sliding door ventilation is possible on your project please contact the team at minimal windows today.