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Ultimate Guide to Barn Conversions with Slim Sliding Doors

Top Tips for Modern Barn Conversion with Slim Sliding Doors

Barn conversions with slim sliding doors are desirable projects to invest in, with rural surroundings offering picturesque views that are highlighted by the minimally framed glazing.  

With barn conversions where old agricultural buildings into residential homes, the proportions of the building are often slightly different to traditional home designs. 

Door openings are normally larger to allow farm goods and machines to be brought in and out of the building, meaning barn conversions with slim sliding doors are popular.  

The ceilings are often higher, and the internal space is very open with no fixed walls internally. Designing barn conversions with slim sliding doors allows a vast amount of natural light into the open plan, airy living spaces.  

triple glazed external pocket door
barn conversions with slim sliding doors

Planning Permission for Barn Conversion Projects

There are several factors to consider when it comes to planning permission for a barn conversion project, with the first being is planning permission needed? 

A change in legislation in 2014 actually made it easier to change an old agricultural building to a residential use building. Any change to these traditional farm buildings can, in most cases, be covered by the Permitted Development Scheme.  

Gaining planning permission for a new build in a rural area is unlikely to get approved whereas, remodelling an existing barn is much more likely to be accepted, considering it isn’t a listed building or located within a conservation area.  

When planning to convert a barn it is important to get the relevant planning permission or to build within the permitted development regulations. 

Converting an agricultural building into a residential dwelling involves altering the overall structure to create a liveable environment. 

Barns were originally used as storage of farming equipment or livestock so most historical barns will lack lighting which is a necessity for modern-day living. 

moving glass walls in a renovated house in Scotland with slim framed triple glazed sliding glass doors
pas24 slim sliding glass door in a renovated barn

Inspiration for Barn Conversions with Slim Sliding Doors

When looking for inspiration for barn conversions with slim sliding doors, look no further. minimal windows sliding doors have been specified on a wide range of unique and modern barn conversions with slim sliding doors.  

Coolington Barn  

This historical barn building has been transformed into a stunning contemporary home and is the perfect example of barn conversions with slim sliding doors in Northamptonshire. The luxury barn renovation now benefits from a huge amount of natural light.  

Multiple minimal windows® slim sliding doors were installed including a two pane, double height sliding door leading into the home and an 8m wide automated sliding door that runs across the front of the luxury home’s garage. Global alignment was used in the architecture of the garage to line up brick posts in front of the sliding door vertical profiles.  

double height sliding door in modern barn conversion
barn conversions with slim sliding doors and structural glazing

Brook Barn 

Another project for inspiration when it comes to barn conversions with slim sliding doors is our Brook Barn project which features minimal windows sliding doors alongside bespoke structural glazing as part of a glazing package from IQ Glass.  

The internal structure of the barn was kept matching the rest of the home, with sliding glass doors being added to create an indoor-outdoor space to merge the internal and external living spaces.     

Perham Farm 

This large barn in Taunton has been converted to a spectacular interior space, with the introduction of minimal windows large glass sliding doors. The five-panel system spans over 10m in length and all five panes slide away into pockets on either side of the opening. 

This project is the perfect inspiration for barn conversions with slim sliding doors, as it shows how the sliding glass doors can be used to create entire walls of moving glass.  

five pane sliding door in modern barn conversion