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Benefits of the IQ Glass minimal windows® Sliding Door System

looking for a contemporary sliding door design?

Here are a number of benefits in having a KELLER minimal windows​® sliding door system within your home:

  • Style
  • Natural Light
  • Space Saving
  • Security/Locking System
  • Energy Efficiency


Due to the linear design of the system, it is able to give a modern open plan design and feel to a property.

The KELLER minimal windows® system uses structural glass by structurally bonding the glass into the framework, as opposed to fitting the glass into the frame and then beading.

The floor track creates a flush threshold and can be integrated with IQ’s flush threshold drain.

The perimeter frame can be concealed within the finishes to create a frameless appearance leaving only the 21mm mullions visible.

Natural Light

The largest KELLER minimal windows® sliding panel can reach sizes of 8.5m2 with a maximum impressive height of 4000mm double glazed.

Triple glazed KELLER minimal windows® sliding panes can achieve sizes of 12m2 where fixed triple glazed panes can achieve sizes up to 18m2 with a maximum height of 4500mm,

This results in a clearer interior and exterior view of and from the property, maximising natural light into the property.

Space Saving

With the KELLER minimal windows® system that IQ Glass provides you are able to have a number of space-saving adaptations. One of the most popular adaptations is a pocket door. A pocket door is a standard minimal window® unit that slides effortlessly into a pocket wall cavity, creating the complete open plan effect. The panel at the end of the sliding run has a specialist aluminium cap which seals the open cavity shut to weather seal this cavity.

Security/Locking System

IQ uses toughened glass in its KELLER minimal windows® system. Toughened glass is 5x stronger than standard float glass due to the process in which it is made creating a stronger and more secure system. The sliding doors are locked via either a manual or an automated locking system. When the locking handle is turned steel bolts are slotted into the ceiling and the floor securing the unit in place.

Energy efficient

The thermal performance of the minimal window® system is exceptional due to most of the heat of the property is lost through the frame, not the glass. Seeing as the KELLER minimal windows® system can achieve a large glass to frame ratio which results in it being a very efficient thermal insulator

KELLER minimal windows® on both floors of this new build home in Dartmouth

Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing minimal windows on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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