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Designing Contemporary Garden Rooms with minimal windows®

minimal windows® garden rooms

Garden rooms are becoming a popular home extension method to homes with larger gardens. Many garden room designs would be covered by the governments ‘permitted development’ scheme meaning that no planning permission would be required.

The use and purpose of these contemporary garden rooms varies from household to household and can be used as anything from an external living area, pool changing area to home office.

In any case the integration of the contemporary garden room design into the garden is an important factor for designers and architects, similarly ensuring that the internal areas of the garden rooms merge effectively with the gardens will have a large impact on their desirability and appeal of the internal space.

garden room design

Keller minimal windows® are used regularly on contemporary garden room designs, both to ensure lots of natural light can enter these often small buildings but also to minimise the break between the interior of the garden room and the surrounding garden.

The 21mm vertical framing and frameless surrounding frame finishes of the Keller minimal windows® means that even when closed the sliding glass doors allow a full floor to ceiling glass wall looking out onto the surrounding gardens.

Creating an external patio or deck area around the garden room will allow you to create a flush internal to external floor finish across the base track of the Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors.

design consideration

You will need to consider the locking options when installing Keller minimal windows® on an external contemporary garden room. The standard mechanical locking system for Keller minimal windows® cannot be accessed from outside, this creates a secure burglar resistant lock but then would not be suitable for use on an external garden room where external locking will be required. On these projects we recommend the use of either an additional wall panel with external key lock or the electrical locking option with a variety of lock activating options available.
To find out more about Keller minimal windows®, contact a member of the team who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet.