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Glazing Options for minimal windows® Systems

When it comes to large glazing elevations such as oversized sliding glass doors, glass specification and glazing options should be considered carefully to ensure your glazing solutions meet all project requirements.

Whether the main concern is temperature control, privacy or clarity, we have a wide variety of glazing options for our slim framed aluminium glazing systems.

A solar control coating can be used to help maintain comfortable internal temperatures, our switchable privacy glass is a sophisticated electrical solution for privacy without blinds and low iron glass ensures the clearest views no matter the thickness of the glass.

This article will explain the different glazing options available for minimal windows luxury glazing systems and our team are on hand to answer any other questions you may have.

solar control glass used on a luxury new build home which had floor to ceiling glass walls and slim sliding doors to prevent spaces overheating
solar control coating on a luxury new build home with an abundance of oversized glazing uses solar control glass to prevent overheating

Solar Control Options

When minimal windows glazing systems are being used in a south-facing installation, we recommend solar control glass to prevent the sun’s rays from overheating the internal living space.

Solar control glass works by applying a metal oxide layer to the internal face of the outer glass pane of a double or triple glazed unit. This transparent coating does not disrupt vision and has been engineered to allow light transmission whilst blocking short-wave radiation.

The sun’s short-wave radiation is able to pass through glass and enter interior living spaces. These waves are absorbed by objects within the home and the energy is emitted as long-wave radiation. These long-waves are then unable to pass back through the glass, becoming trapped inside causing the space to overheat.

Solar control glass also prevents thermal energy waves from escaping internal spaces through the glass and reflects them back into the internal environment. This glazing option prevents overheating and maintains a comfortable internal living temperature all year round.

This is useful for properties that have a large amount of glazing surrounding them, such as our Sanctuary House project pictured above.

low iron glass with high clarity compared to standard glass that has a slight green tint
low iron glass sliding glass doors from minimal windows used around an indoor pool area

Low Iron Glass

When glass is manufactured, naturally there is iron oxide present. This gives the glass a very slight green tint, that is usually not visible but can become apparent in thicker glazing installations or where glass edges are exposed.

If you require a glazing solution with thick laminated panes or layered glass panes, you may be able to see the green decolouration.

To avoid this glass can be specially manufactured to have lower iron oxide content, providing extremely clear views.

For more information on low iron glass and when it’s useful, check out this page.

low maintanence structural glass balustrade in an apartment
low maintenance glass used on a structural glazing elevation at the minimal windows showroom

Low Maintenance Glass

For people wishing to specify low maintenance glazing, not only is the aluminium framing an excellent way to do this due to its natural rust and corrosion resistant properties but an extra step can be taken by specifying low maintenance glass.

Low maintenance glass involves a microscopic coating being applied to the outer face of the external glass pane. This coating fills in small dips in the glass which are not visible to the naked eye.

This results in an extremely smooth glass pane that dirt and debris find it difficult to stick to, reducing how frequently the glazing needs to be cleaned. It also makes it easier to clean, reducing the cleaning time.

electrochromic glass with sections to have part tinted for solar shading, part medium to reduce solar glare and part clear
Heated sliding glass doors used around and indoor swimming pool area to prevent condensation build up

Electric Glazing Options

Due to the wiring needed for electrical glazing options, we recommend using it for sliding doors with a maximum of two tracks.


Switchable Privacy Glass

minimal windows systems have two framing options, the standard and the 4+. The 4+ profiles have a deeper frame, allowing them to be used for a triple glazed unit or for a system with thick laminated panes. Privacy glass can only be done in 4+ due to the thickness of the laminated pane.

Privacy glass uses laminated glass panes with a liquid crystal interlayer. When the electric current is turned off, the crystals are in a scattered position giving the glass an opaque translucent view.

When an electrical current is passed through the glass the crystals align, turning the glass transparent and offering a clear view through.


Heated Glass

Heated glass utilises a transparent metal oxide coating within an insulated glass unit, when electricity is passed this creates a warm surface on the glass pane.

Heated glass can be used for heating and comfort in the home, for snow and ice removal or to prevent condensation build up.

For more informationon heated glass in minimal windows sliding glass doors check out our technical advice article that explains the different applications for this glazing option.

 additional resources – heated glass product page on

Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic glass is a high end solar shading solution that can be used in place of internal or external shading solutions. When fully tinted, the glass is still slightly transparent, meaning it does not provide full privacy.

A conductive coating with ionised particles is used inside the insulated glazing unit. When electricity is applied to one of the panes the ions flock to that pane, building up and creating a tint that provides solar shading and reduces glare.

This glazing option can also help to reduce light transmission out of the home, which can be extremely useful for rural homes when they need to adhere to light pollution planning requirements.

privacy glass turned off
privacy glass turned on

Other Glazing Options

If you have any other glazing options in mind such as reflective glass or have unique and unusual design requirements then get in touch with the minimal windows team.

Our glazing experts will be able to advise you on the best glazing solution for your specific project, as we like to view challenges as opportunities to push the boundaries of architectural glazing.

minimal windows often look to find new and innovative ways to create glazing solutions that stand out from the competition.

For more information about glazing options for minimal windows, get in touch with the team today.

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