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Green Frames For minimal windows

In the world of glazing we see new trends and design choices develop overtime. At minimal windows we are commonly specified to produce framing for systems which is aluminium and therefore a grey colour.

However, we have seen a steady rise in more untraditional RAL colours being specified for our framing which adds a great deal of individuality to a project.

If you need some inspiration for an upcoming or ongoing project and would like to add a touch of personal flair to the glazing, see some project examples below!

Spring Cottage

Spring Cottage is a comtemporary home that has been transformed into a modern family home with a touch of classic English architecture still present. 

The images below represent the new kitchen/ living area which has been constructed to serve as a timeless family space. The focal point of the kitchen is the array of slim framed windows and singular hinged outward opening door finished with a matt olive green frame (RAL 6014). The framing choice pairs well with the industrial black silicone joins and compliments the wide varity of greenery inside and outside of the home. 

To match the silicone, both the handle and locking system have been specified as the standard matt black finish. This creates a small break in the green colour and adds a touch of personallity from the owners. 

Green frames for minimal windows

Fulbrooke Road

Fulbrooke road is a modern extension in Cambridge that has a stand out framing feature which sets the extension apart from its neighbours.

Fulbrooke road is another family home with a normal brick structure seen in many new builds. The extension features a slim sliding door system and upper level viewing window with parallel sliding openings on either side.

These systems both have RAL 6011 framing which as seen below is Reseda green. This colour contrasts heavily against the building colour and theme and really allows the glazing to stand out.

Liverpool Road

Liverpool Road features a beautiful example of traditional glazing and framing styles that are becomming less common as the world is modernised. The large ammount of framing for this bi-fold glazing system has been specified in Fir Green RAL 6009.

This system features a more traditional style with decorative framing installed over the top of the glazing to create the effect that several small glazing panes have been brought together to create a window/door. 

Liverpool Road has a bi-folding door which opens with a standard handle system at 1.1m from the FFL. This gives full access to the small viewing balcony as part of the second floor of the property.

Traditional style green doors

Princelet Street

This terraced home in the heart of Shoreditch, London, wanted to expand its useable space whilst retaining the original character and charm of the quirky property. For this reason, they opted for a pitched roof design, utilising structural glazing to achieve the most minimal design without compromising on modern performance values.

Princelet street’s extension is structurally supported by steel beams which have been coated in a dark “army green”. The green beams perfectly match the framing of the structural glazing and also the large slim sliding doors that give access to the garden/outdoor area.

With Green and coloured frames steadily growing in popularity, why not specify your own today! Contact the team here to start your project with us.