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Hidden Handle Technology for minimal windows

Locking is the most important security feature on any sliding system and is integral to the design of the minimal windows sliding door system.

The classic handle options for minimal windows have been designed to appear as minimal as possible while still feeling high-end and performing as they should. While these handles are great options for our classic slim sliding doors, the brand new minimal windows Next Generation Slider (NGS) has a brand new handle technology which had revolutionised the way sliding doors be can be open, closed and locked.

Hidden handle buttons

The brand new hidden handle.

With increasing demands for minimal and frameless sliding systems, the hidden handle technology allows for a full wall to wall glass elevation by removing the physical handle and replacing it with a small button installed within the wall finish.

The hidden handle is a fully automated system that is 100% concealed and installed within the wall finish, operated by the press of a single button.

The removal of the classic handle means that the sliding door frame can be fully flush with the wall finish. This eliminates 26mm of framework on the closing side of the sliding doors. When using the hidden handle, the system will need to be manually closed until there is a 3cm gap between the sliding pane and the wall. At this point, the hidden handle button can be pressed, fully closing the system, and locking it to the wall.

Hidden Handle animation
Hidden handle button

See how the hidden handle works here!

Check out this short video which shows exactly how the hidden handle functions.