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KELLER minimal windows® on New Build Homes

slim framed sliding doors to new build homes

KELLER minimal windows® are used regularly as slim framed sliding door systems for contemporary new build homes. The slim framing and minimal detailing of these sliding glass doors enable designers and architects to maintain a modern design aesthetic on all aspects of their build.

With a flush floor finish and secure integrated locking the minimal windows® can be used surrounding pools, on balconies or on ground floor patio areas.

Modern properties often use innovative house controls such as Smart Home Automation. An electromagnetic locking device can be incorporated into the KELLER minimal windows® sliding door frames, this can be controlled via home automation apps as well as wall panels using thumbprint recognition or password access. You can take this even further by having the slim framed sliding doors automated with internal head motors.

The frame surrounds at the head and sides can be hidden both internally and externally using most modern building finishes. Any exposed frame can be powder coated any RAL colour to suit your building design.

The glass within the slim frames can be specified to suit your particular application with additional coatings such as solar control or low maintenance available readily.

Even more advanced glass solutions such as Electro Chromic Glass, allowing for automated shading within the glass itself, can also be integrated and, again, controlled by any smart home automation systems required.

The KELLER minimal windows® sliding glass doors are a modern sliding door solution suitable for all contemporary residential designs. Their minimal framing and modern performance has made these sliding doors the first choice for many of the most cutting edge housing design in the UK.

See below for some image inspiration or visit our Pinterest Gallery: KELLER minimal windows® in Contemporary New Builds.

iq glass white lodge architectural glass
KELLER minimal windows® were used in various openings on this contemporary new build in Oxted
KELLER minimal windows® on both floors of this new build home in Dartmouth
KELLER minimal windows® to lower and upper ground floor on award winning new build house in Ashridge Forest
KELLER minimal windows® to modern new build design in Wing
KELLER minimal windows® to glass box on the rear of a new build house in North London
KELLER minimal windows® to contemporary new build home in London featured on Grand Designs
Two sets of KELLER minimal windows® to the rear of a contemporary new build house in London
KELLER minimal windows® as modern patio doors to new build home in Guernsey
KELLER minimal windows® used as all openings on new build home in Harrogate
KELLER minimal windows® on sea front home in Exmouth designed by Stan Bolt

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