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The minimal windows® is Now a PAS 24 Certified Sliding Glass Door

The minimal windows sliding glass door has been the architect’s first choice for slim sliding glass for many years. Always at the forefront of glazing specification technology, the minimal windows system has taken this a step further to be the first true slim sliding glass door to achieve the PAS24 security certification. 

PAS 24 is a ‘must have’ security standard for any new build residential project in the UK.

 Dictated by Building Regulations Approved Document Q, all new build dwellings (both private and multi unit residential buildings) have to ensure that the windows and doors they specify are secure. All glazing to a new build dwelling must have a security rating of PAS 24 or above to comply. 

The minimal windows system is certified as a high security glass door, suitable for even the most stringent of security standards.   

pas24 certificated sliding glass door in the uk in a contemporary house
ultra-slim sliding glass door with pas24 certificate in a contemporary rear kitchen extension in the uk

What is PAS 24 for Glass Doors?

PAS 24 certification is a high level security test certification suitable for doors and window in the UK. The test is split into different methodologies depending on whether the test subject is a window or a door. 

Different to the European RC security ratings, PAS 24 testing has been designed specifically for the UK market in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police. The test is considered to mimic the typical means of forced entry into properties to provide a true to life indication of the security of a glass door. 

The test includes different types of attack methods including attempts to break the framing of the glass door, pressure applied to the framing and glazing and the utilisation of different tools. 

PAS 24 is a pass or fail certification rather than having classes of pass like the European test methods. The minimal windows sliding glass doors passed all stages and attacks of the PAS 24 test and are now listed as a fully certified PAS 24 sliding glass door.

high security sliding glass door with pas24 certification in a contemporary house in the uk
pas24 slim sliding glass door in a renovated barn

High Security Slim Sliding Glass Doors

The minimal windows® slim sliding glass door system was tested as a true door system, rather than a window as some other slim glazed sliders have done. This ensures that the resulting certification truly reflects the security of the glass door as it would be used on a project. 

The test was conducted on a two pane minimal window installation measuring 2.7m high by 3.2m wide overall with one fixed pane and one sliding unit. 

All glass used was toughened with no need for laminated glazing. The type 4 key lock was used on the sliding pane to provide the removable key requirement. For the purpose of the test, the 21mm vertical interlock of the sliding doors was reinforced.

high security slim sliding glass doors with pas24 in a contemporary new build house in the uk
high security pas24 building regulation of the uk with slim sliding glass doors in a contemporary house

What This Means for Luxury Residential Developments

For some projects, PAS 24 glazing is necessary. This tends to be the case for new build luxury residential developments as there is less freedom to make the building more secure in other ways. 

The specification of PAS 24 slim sliding glass doors has been difficult as many glaziers test their doors as windows as the requirements for PAS 24 windows are easier to achieve. 

Now that the minimal windows system has achieved PAS 24 certification when tested as a door, it is the first slim sliding door to have this certification. This means our minimal windows Sliding Door will now be the first choice for architects designing luxury developments. 

If you are planning a luxury house development and are looking for a high security glass door solution, contact the team at minimal windows UK.

If you would like to have more information about the PAS 24 specification, contact the minimal windows® team today.