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minimal windows® Shortlisted for 'Best Window'

the minimal windows vertical sash window shortlisted

The innovative vertical sash solution from the minimal windows® range was shortlisted for the 2018 Build It Awards within the ‘Best Window’ category.

With a 21/26mm horizontal frame of the vertical sliding sash window from minimal windows is by far the slimmest profile large format window on the shortlist. The vertically sliding mechanism allows you to create double height elevations of glass whilst maintaining the slim aluminium framing the minimal window systems are best known for.

The vertical sash window was shortlisted thanks to its unique design, impressive glass sizes and minimal framing. The resulting glass elevations from this product allow for double height elevations of glass with opening elements at the base without cumbersome steel works dissecting the elevation.

This system is truly the ‘Best Window’ for architects and specifiers looking for that combination of large, multi-storey glass walls with slim frames.

The vertical sash can be either fully automated or counter-weighted as required.

Dormers, Henley-on-Thames

counter-weighted vertical sash window

Dormers in Henley-on-Thames is a good project example of a recent installation of the Guillotine Window that was counter-weighted. The middle pane was fixed, and the bottom and top panes are counter weighted against each other for a manually operated elevation. If you have the space within the wall structure either side of the opening, you can also create a double pane sash that is counter-weighted with the weights hidden within the wall structure

Dormers, Henley-on-Thames, Guillotine Windows
Camlet Way Phase 2

fully automated vertical sash installation

Camlet Way Phase 2 is a good example of a fully automated vertical sash installation. The three double-height rear windows comprise of a fixed top pane with a vertically sliding sash at the bottom. When a button is pressed internally the bottom pane slides up automatically and allows access from inside to the external gardens.

IQ Glass UK installed these installations of Keller minimal windows® and are the sole UK installer for KELLER minimal windows®. If you’re planning your own project and require minimally framed sliding glass doors contact IQ Glass UK for more information.

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