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minimal windows Sliding Windows vs Casement Windows

When specifying windows for your project you may be deciding on casement windows as apart of your bespoke glazing package. While casement windows are a great bespoke window option, the minimal windows sliding window system can offer slimmer sightlines with exceptional aesthetic value.

Within this post we will cover the pros and cons of both casement and sliding windows and then decide of what system you should select.

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An overview of casement windows.

Casement windows are modern, robust systems that feature all aluminium profiles and various design options. A few keys points to focus on for casement windows are:

  • 45mm sightlines
  • 1200mm-1300mm max height
  • 1 w/m2k
  • Any RAL colour available
  • 5+ configurations
  • Double or triple glazed

With these details in mind, casement windows may be a viable options for smaller windows that feature in rooms such as bathrooms etc. The maximum sizes do not compare to sliding windows and the sightlines are more than double the minimal windows system.

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An overview of sliding windows

A luxurious and modern way to create a slim sliding window system in architectural design is with Keller Minimal Windows slim sliding windows. Renowned for their elegant and minimalistic form, these sliding doors maximise natural light and views while enabling a seamless integration of internal and outdoor spaces. The sliding windows feature:

  • 21mm sightlines
  • 5m2 max size
  • PAS24 Approved
  • Any RAL colour available
  • Hidden base and head frames

The minimal windows sliding windows are an adapted system that mirrors our sliding doors. This is why we are able to achieve such small sightlines and large opening sizes. One thing to consider is that sliding windows tend to be heavier than casement windows. This will need to be taken into account when specifying the system to ensure that your building structure can handle the system weight.

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Slim sliding windows

Should you specify sliding windows or casement windows?

Of course there is a place for both of these systems depending on the project. For ultra modern projects that have a huge focus on minimalism and aesthetics, sliding windows are the ideal system. With a sliding window you can achieve huge openings, minimal framework and even experiment with pocket configurations. Sliding windows can also be fully automated and linked with smart home systems, this combined with an electro-magnetic lock means opening and securing your window is effortless.

If you have any questions regarding our sliding windows, then contact the team today!