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East Finchley

Large black patio doors to house extension

This full width house extension in East Finchley used minimal windows to create the black patio doors to the rear. The large patio doors filled the entire rear wall of the house extension, drawing in light and connecting the interior space with the outside. 

The extension was part of a larger house renovation by 2PM architects to increase the living areas of the house. The rear extension housed a new modern kitchen, dining area and informal seating area.

With large minimal windows, the black patio doors open fully in the summer to allow the space to completely connect to the patio via the flush threshold.

black patio doors
east finchley black patio doors

The large black patio doors create a wall of sliding glass close to the dining area. The positioning of the dining space so close to the glass creates a fantastic space which is full of light throughout the year. The wall of sliding glass then brings natural light deep into the open plan spaces. 

This influx of natural light ensures that the kitchen area further back in the extension is well lit, creating a light and airy feeling to the space as soon as you enter.

Using super wide patio doors from minimal windows, the architects were able to create a striking feature within the extension. This inclusion of oversized glass doors helps to add to the feeling of light and air within the room.

The most striking features of the space are the bespoke kitchen design, the super wide minimal frame glazing and the frame less roof lights giving a feeling of light and air in the room.

The three-pane black patio door measured 8.3m wide and 2.6m tall, creating two large sliding door panes over 7m2 each. With a glass specification of 8mm toughened glass due to the size of the glass sliders, each sliding panel weighed over 280kg. Thanks to the high specification sliding technology from minimal windows, these large patio doors slid open effortlessly even at these large sizes. 

A dark RAL 9055 PPC was used for the framing to contrast with the light-coloured interior and white external render.

A standard two-point lock was used using the type 2 trust lever locking system and exterior drainage was created by others.

The whole extension design was created by architects 2PM.

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