sliding glass doors used to maximise light into a restaurant

minimal windows® sliding glass doors were installed onto a restaurants extension. The slim framing and large glass facades maximise natural light and views.

minimal windows® sliding glass doors were installed onto this extension on a restaurants front elevation. One of the popular features of minimal windows sliding glass doors is the slim 21mm framing. The slim framing, matched with a large glass panel, allows the greatest amount of natural light to pass through into the restaurant throughout the day, reducing the need for internal lighting.

These floor-to-ceiling glass facades allow those walking past to see what the restaurant is like inside which could entice them to go in. These facades also allow the customers and workers to enjoy the views of the surrounding area throughout the day.

These sliding glass doors in particular are open corner, providing more space for the restaurant as they are able to connect the new extension to a terraced area. This open corner also allows the restaurant to be well ventilated during the summer.

These slim framed sliding doors have been powder coated dark grey/black to create a contrast with the surrounding white building. This colour choice also adds a contemporary addition to a traditional looking building.

Installing an open corner with sliding glass doors maximises natural light intake as well as views of the surrounding areas. This increase in light and views is possible due to the slim 21mm sightline which reduces any obstructions. These frames, combined with large glass facades enhance natural light and views of your garden or surrounding area.

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