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Ashley Road

fully glazed rear extension

The homeowners of Ashley Road were feeling that their home was becoming dated and over time the wear and tear of everyday life was beginning to show in the interior design. Therefore, the homeowners wanted to have a complete redesign of the interior living spaces and utilise modern building elements to create a contemporary design.

minimally framed sliding glass doors

To achieve this goal, the homeowners sought the help of Dyer Grimes Architects to create a more efficient home layout that suited the lives of the growing family. State of the art glazing systems were proposed to a single storey extension the rear ground floor living spaces. Due to strict building regulations in the area, the architects had to have a thorough approach to the aesthetic of the renovation.

The renovation project saw areas of the ground floor rooms being demolished to make way for a new layout and new highly glazed extension. The style of the new extension is a highly contemporary metal framed design that juxtaposes the traditional brick work building. Large aluminium framed sliding doors run the whole length of the extension resulting in a full wall of glazed sliding doors.

These contemporary sliding doors create a beautifully seamless connection to the homeowners large garden which allows light to stream into the property. During warm summer days the sliding doors can be wide open to result in a modern indoor-outdoor living space.