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minimal windows creates a fully glazed rear wall of sliding glass

Award-winning architects, Smerin Architects, specified minimal windows® sliding doors to the extension and renovation of this townhouse in London.

the slim framed sliding doors

The slim framed sliding doors were used to create the entire rear wall of the extension, allowing for maximum light to enter the small kitchen and living space.

The minimal aluminium frames offer the slimmest framing solution of any rear patio door system and are perfect for these types of high specification residential extensions.

The extension and renovation project included the demolition of the existing scullery space and replaced it with a full-width extension that was highly glazed. The new open plan living arrangement and a greater connection to the small garden were better suited to modern family life, all achieved with the use of minimal windows®.

Indoor-outdoor connections were an important element of the design on this extension. To assist with this line of the internal kitchen cabinetry was continued into the garden with a bespoke storage unit directly outside. As such the minimal windows sliding doors had to be specifically configured with a fixed pane of slim framed glass separating the internal and external storage units.
When the sliding panes are closed the slim 21mm sightlines are maintained thanks to our unique offset track connection system; this allows sliding panes to fully weather seal together on separate tracks, without creating a thicker profile at the meeting point.