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Eton Villas

minimally framed doors to a grade II listed home in London

A contemporary glazed box was added to a traditional Georgian home in North West London featuring our minimally framed sliding glass doors and structural glazing. Extending into the unused patio space and opening up the interior created a larger dining and seating area better suited to modern lifestyles. The traditional London home underwent a careful renovation by Smerin Architects with discrete contemporary additions to modernise the family home.

The bespoke glass extension features a structural glass roof and walls to differentiate between the old and new, this is a crucial requirement with listed properties. The contemporary glazed extension carefully fills the interiors with natural light using minimally framed sliding glass doors to the main elevation, providing uninterrupted views of the perfectly landscaped garden with a slim sightline of 21mm.

The minimal sliding glass doors provide a modern conservatory style space, perfect for creating a small addition to a listed property. The frameless glazed finish provides a minimal, contemporary design aesthetic to the Georgian family home.

The slim frame sliding glass doors used here are perfectly suited for modern design projects where minimal sightlines are desired with high levels of thermal and weather performance. The sliding glass doors were finished in a dark powder coat for a contemporary design contrasting effectively with the traditional rendered facade.