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Swallow Drive

shaped minimal windows®

An extension was built onto this home to create a new kitchen diner and living space. As the extension is slightly longer than the neighbouring house, part of the extension was designed with an angled roof. This was to prevent any obstruction to natural light passing into the garden and extension of the home next door. Due to this angle, minimal windows® were designed with a shaped head to perfectly fit the space.

interior angled sliding glass doors

minimal windows characteristics

Even with an angled head the popular characteristics of the minimal windows® system still apply. The ultra slim 21mm framing allows maximum light ingress into the new extension which is further enhanced by the flat roof light. The slim framed sliding glass doors have been powder coated a dark grey to match with the cladding on the angled section of the roof. This powder coating contrasts with the white home for a modern look in comparison to the more traditional brick home next door.

As with most minimal windows® installations, these slim framed sliding glass doors have been installed with a flush base. This provides step-free access between the internal and external spaces, allowing the homeowners to open up the space when required for an indoor-outdoor living experience.