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Paultons Square

Paultons square is an ultra-unique project with a huge glass extension that has transformed the entrance and garden area of the London based home. A huge variety of glazing has been installed including structural glass, feature glass and slim sliding doors. The glazing has not been treated to remove the natural green tint which was a design choice made by the homeowners and architects to push the unique look a step further, the large amount of solar control coating also contributes towards this. 

double sliding doors

Double height glass extension with small openings.

Just off London’s Kings Road, this £2 million Grade 2 listed townhouse conversion, has transformed an outdated, warren like property into a triumph of space and light and has increased the area by just over a third.   

Both sets of slim sliding doors (installed over 10 years ago to date) have very small openings which allows the doors to be mainly used for ventilation. The doors also slide outwards in a bi-parting configuration to ensure that they provide a wide enough opening for access and exit purposes.   

The green tint has been further strengthened due to the high level of solar control coating that has been applied to the glass. This was a vital step to ensure that the glazing would not overheat the interior and reflect off each other (this would create a very uncomfortable level of heat in the area).  

double sliding doors

Slim sliding door details.

The double height glass extension shows just how much the minimal windows technology has developed from 2011 to now (2023). With a bi-parting configuration, you run the risk of having a large vertical sightline when the two sliders meet in the middle. For the systems seen on this project, the meeting sightlines are 81mm. This is 10mm less than what we would normally specify now due to the fact that the locking handles are separated and installed on the vertical jamb, opposed to the being installed onto the meeting jamb like they are today.  

This would have been a design choice made by the client. It actually makes operating the system harder as they will now have to open one side at a time instead of opening both at once like you can with the handles just 50mm apart.  

The glazing installed is also heated glass which allows for the owners to heat the interior space using the sliding doors when needed.  

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