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OL Spa and Wellness

Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors for Spa

OL Spa is in an excellent location that dates back to the 1970s. The view is breathtaking; it is surrounded by vegetation and has no other structures in the area. At night, you can make out the faint flicker of enormous city lights and the spires of Klosterneuburg Monastery in the distance. The sun shines on the patio all day long till dusk. However, the house’s garden level was hardly ever used prior to renovations. 

Following the renovations, the garden level has given the young family access to an entirely new world at home. They have immediate access to their own space for leisure and relaxation from their living area. The panorama terrace and pergola are light-filled and relaxed, and they are situated in front of the current house. Without altering the existing structure, the southern aspect of the house is brought to life by giving it its own vitality. 

Integrating floor to ceiling sliding glass doors into the renovation.

The renovations included a huge bespoke, modern indoor pool which is a slim sliding door away from both outdoor access and living room access.  

The sliding doors have allowed the family to use their amazing indoor and outdoor spaces throughout all seasons during the year. With exceptional thermal performance, the floor to ceiling sliding glass doors keep the heat in during those cold winter months which keeps the space feeling cozy and inviting.  

With the floor to ceiling sliding doors so close to a marine environment, it was imperative that the systems installed had marine grade coatings applied to ensure the frames would not suffer from the high chlorine levels in the water as well as the naturally high condensation that would occur due to the temperature difference from inside to outside.  

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