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Hotel Lugano

A contemporary glass extension in Belgium

Just 100 meters from the beach in Knokke-Heist, Hotel Lugano is a contemporary hotel which stays true to its Belgium heritage. It is highly acclaimed for its great food service and cocktail lounge. To keep up the excellent reputation for food, the Hotel decided to renovate the restaurant area with a large minimal windows sliding door system to modernise the main attraction of the hotel service.

Glazed resturant extension featuring slim sliding doors and open corner doors.
open corner sliding doors in resturant. An interior view.

With over 100 restaurants within less than a mile of the building this contemporary glass extension in Belgium has really elevated the guests experience while staying here. The slim sliding glass doors allow for anyone inside the restaurant to enjoy the sunshine while tucking into breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The freedom of being able to open and close what is essentially a glass façade allows the hotel owners to adapt to all weather conditions.


A design choice which is becoming more on trend is to fix the slim sliding glass system higher than the level of the ceiling. Another great example of this is Clayworth Cottage. This effect creates an illusion that from the interior of the building the ceiling is floating without any support from the glazing.

Glazed extension in Belgium for resturant

The system installed is a slim sliding glass door which has been specified to be floor to ceiling (in this case the ceiling is the structure set higher than the interior ceiling to create the floating effect).

This project features two open corner sliding systems integrated into the main glazing structure. This allows for a great airflow throughout the building which will combat the strong sun during the summer.

All framing used is the standard aluminium framing with no RAL colour coating on-top. Minimal windows also specified a sliding door for the entrance with a strong locking system for security.

The final main factor of the project was ensuring that the system could withstand the heavy wind load from the coast. All minimal windows systems are hurricane tested and can withstand 3.4-3.6 Kn/m2 which is more than enough strength for the wind loads in Belgium.

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