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Camlet Way

New build home featuring automated minimal windows vertical sliding sash windows

On a plot of land that used to be home to a decrepit 1930’s house, two new properties were built. The first property was a standalone, sub ground level home in the garden. Once that was completed phase two of the development was this large contemporary home.  


Protruding column structures with peaked roofs on either side of the property symbolises ‘home’ and the exposed stone on the building exterior displays elements of traditional residential architecture.  


The architectural style is the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional, with modern glazing solutions and luxury home elements such as an indoor swimming pool.

Within the home there is further displays of contemporary design, with the interior following a clean and minimal aesthetic. 

three double height automated vertical sliding sash windows
indoor basement swimming pool in a luxury residential home

One unique element of this home is the three double height, vertical sliding sash windows at the rear of the property.


These minimal windows vertical sash windows aren’t something that is seen in every home. Not only do they allow floods of natural light into the property but they create large horizontal openings in double height glass elements, providing multiple access points to the home.


Motorised versions of the minimal windows vertical sash window can be operated via remote, switch or integrated with smart home automation for ease of use. The automation used on this glazing means the large glass panes can be opened with the push of a button, sliding effortlessly.


With ultra slim vertical sightlines and a unique design, a vertical sash window is the perfect addition to any contemporary architectural design.

neutral warm tones and wooden interior design with double height vertical sliding windows
front view of the luxury home with three double height automated vertical sliding sash windows

There is also evidence of biophilic design elements throughout the home. The wooden materials used for the internal flooring and some wall sections, combined with the huge glass panes helps to bring the outside in and strengthen the homeowners connection with nature.



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