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Field House

Connecting People Together with minimal windows®

Field house is a new build, replacement dwelling in a sensitive green belt location designed to take advantage of the countryside setting and views.  

All materials used for this luxury home needed careful consideration, as green belt locations such as this have extra restrictions on planning permissions. The architects worked with the site specifically, pulling out the optimum solutions as the site needed to work with the location.  

Burnt timber cladding, zinc and large glazing elevations were used for the external building finishes to ensure the home blended in with it’s surroundings. 

Internal glass box courtyard
Timber clad extension with structural glass wall and aluminium windows

It was important to this family for every room to have a purpose, it can be easy to have a room left as a dumping ground in most cases.  The basement, for instance, has been utilised for quiet time where you can watch a movie in peace and relax.  

Overall the architectural execution is the headline act, but the important part of this design was ensuring that everybody has ended up with spaces that they were looking to achieve for themselves. This creates a well thought out home where everyone can enjoy their own private areas whilst also looking forward to congregating back into the family spaces. 

Two two-pane minimal windows sliding glass doors were used around the property, with the basement doors being paired with a fixed pane for a corner glazing elevation that allows light to flow down and into the internal living space.

Modern living room with minimal windows sliding doors

The resulting Field House has come out of working with the slope of the land, sculpting out terraces and moving earth around.  This allowed the space for the minimal windows® sliding door system to be installed to reveal the façade which creates an open, light filled living space that can be merged with the outdoor area.  

By raising a previously ground bearing floor area into a cantilever it can now encapsulate long ranging views from the master bedroom. To create a contemporary, rural aesthetic, the materials include a zinc roof, pre-weathered burnt timber cladding and brick.


British Garden Designer Andy Sturgeon designed the landscaping of this project and split the grounds into three beautiful sections; a wildflower walk to the pool, a formal crescent-shaped striped lawn and a south-facing gravel garden. The garden has been elevated and levelled with excavation material from the basement to allow clear views of the Thames valley to Hedsor House and Cliveden. 

IQ Glass UK installed this installation of KELLER minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors and are the sole installer for KELLER minimal windows® within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing KELLER minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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Photographer: Jim Stephenson