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Fitzroy Farm

13,000 square foot luxury new build home in the Highgate Conservation Area

This breathtaking luxury new build home in Highgate features a whole host of unique and stunning design elements. This includes a water slide, indoor and outdoor pools, open plan interior and large glazing elevations.

Named Fitzroy Farm, this property was built in the Highgate Conservation Area and with planning permission approved swiftly, the architects got to work designing the incredible property.

The owners of this high end residential home wanted an open plan design, with areas where they could relax and entertain guests without feeling restricted.

The mezzanine floor level allowed space for a double height living room where the architects incorporated double height glazing to maximise natural light and increase the perceived size of the space even further.

minimal windows sliding glass doors were used for the lower half of the double height glazing whilst fixed structural glass sat on top.

This incredibly unique property has one element that is rarely seen in English homes, a water slide. Extending out from the upper floor, the stainless steel slide wraps around before entering at the lower floor, leading to the indoor pool.

Swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, are a significant indicator of a luxury home and this luxury London home has both. These architectural elements are enhanced by the floor to ceiling glazing, such as minimal windows slim sliding glass doors, that are all around the building.

The stunning new build home’s external façade composes of natural stone, a range of wooden materials and multiple glazing solutions. These elements fit together in harmony to help the property blend into the surrounding nature seamlessly.

Entering into an 8.5 metre-tall entrance hall, there is a wood and glass stairwell ahead that rises through the building’s three levels. The frameless glass balustrades were used to turn the staircase into its own design feature, without obstructing the flow of natural light.

The open-plan interior can be seen throughout the house, with each room having a slightly different interior design style. A monochrome colour scheme was used in the living room, in conjunction with the double-height glazing.

Neutral tones paired with the natural light that floods in from the roof glazing turns the bathroom into a spacious and relaxing room. Natural light and warm tones can be used to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in any living space.

The open plan kitchen design has minimal windows sliding glass patio doors that lead out to the external pool area. The use of large glass panes allows the natural light to make the kitchen feel even more spacious and highlights the carefully chosen interior design elements.

The tasteful interior décor, natural materials used externally, an abundance of glazing all around the home and pool areas come together to form this breathtaking property.

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