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Old Quay

Connecting People and Nature with minimal windows®

Located on the River Yealm, this new build home is nestled into the cliffside and benefits from stunning waterfront views. A combination of minimal windows glazing and natural elements have been used to ensure that the home blends into the surrounding nature seamlessly.


Due to the flood risk posed by being in such close proximity to the river, the original plan to renovate an existing property had to be scrapped. Instead, this beautifully unique property was designed to meet the needs of a riverside home.


Special features of this home included building the property on a stone plinth above the existing quayside and adding cantilevering terraces, which require steel beam support underneath.


As this is classed as a coastal area, triple glazing is ideal to combat the cold sea winds and withstand the harsh conditions that coastal properties are subject to. The minimal windows 4+ system has a thermally broken aluminium frame and is triple glazed as standard for extra strength and higher thermal performance.


The lower floor has a balcony that wraps around the water facing sides of the home, whilst the upper floor benefits from a full terraced area as well as a balcony, perfect for relaxing by the water or entertaining guests in the summer months. On both floors, the external balcony areas are accessed via minimal windows sliding doors.

bedroom with corner opening slim sliding door onto a balcony
natural wood and stone building materials in a luxury new build home

Biophilic design revolves around the concept of bringing the outside in. This can be done in a multitude of ways, for example by creating spaces where the internal and external living spaces can me merged or by incorporating plants into the interior design.


Here it is done by utilising natural elements on the internal building finishes. Where many houses have wallpaper or painted walls, this unique home uses stone and wood. 

By using these elements, most commonly seen outside, within the home the inside of this home has a strong connection to the outdoors. This is strengthened by the floor to ceiling glazing around the exterior of the property.

new build home with corner opening slim sliding door

The colour palette mainly consists of sandy, natural wood tones. When designing a property in areas of outstanding natural beauty such as this South-West coastal region, it is vital that the property compliments the surrounding areas.


All minimal windows systems have flush thresholds, creating the opportunity to complete merge the internal and external spaces for a unified indoor-outdoor living area.


Being inside this property surrounded by natural materials, soaking up the natural light and gazing out at the beautiful waterfront, creates a feeling of inner peace and true serenity. 


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Architects: Gillespie Yunnie Architects


Photography: Richard Downer