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Balcony Sliding Glass Doors

using slim framed sliding glass doors as minimal balcony doors

Balconies, however small, are a little luxury afforded to a few modern homes throughout the UK. These small outside areas allow for the integration of inside and outside on upper floor rooms where access to the garden isn’t possible.

The KELLER minimal windows® sliding door system is easily integrated with a frameless glass balustrade for a minimal Juliet Balcony design but these slim framed sliding doors are used just as regularly as access out onto upper floor balcony areas.

Slim Frames

Using slim frames is all the more important on these balcony access doors as the openings are generally smaller than when used on lower floors. The last thing you want to do is fill your small aperture with thick sections of framing!

The flush floor finish and integrated drainage details available from IQ Glass UK allow these slim framed sliding doors to open out onto even the smallest of balcony areas leaving a frameless surround a flush floor finish from inside to outside.

For a more impressive appearance you could consider sliding these thin framed doors into cavity pockets within the upper storey walls, this will allow you to open the entire balcony aperture for full integration of the inside to outside.

Design Consideration

If these sliding doors are being used to bedroom balconies consider clever and minimal ways of integrating blinds or curtains into you internal space so as not to reduce the clean, modern appearance of these large sliding glass faces.

Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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