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award winning contemporary family house

Award winning architect Piers Smerin was commissioned to create a new contemporary family house on a large 22-acre estate in the heart of Ashdown Forest near Crowborough, East Sussex.

ultra thin sliding glass doors

The Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors were used for their slim framing, minimal detailing and large opening sizes on two floors of the rear elevation. On the lower ground floor, these large glass sliding doors enclose a tranquil salt water pool merging the natural pool with its beautiful surroundings. The main rear elevation of the pool is lined with 5 sliding glass doors, spanning almost 15m in one run of sliding glass doors

The large sliding glass doors were designed to stack at either end of the elevation for freedom of movement from the pool to gardens. To the upper ground floor living areas the Keller minimal windows® sliding doors create thin framed access from kitchen and living spaces to the wrap around balcony.

In order to enlarge the openings available in the timber clad rear elevation, these sliding glass doors were designed to slide into hidden cavities within the walls. The entire opening of whole door apertures allows the kitchen and living areas to merge out onto the balcony and with the surrounding forest landscape.