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Ultra-slim sliding glass door system was installed into the rear glass box extension in Midlands.

The homeowners of this traditional style home in Leicester wanted to expand their home and create a light-filled open plan kitchen and dining area. Therefore, a glass box extension was installed with a large structural glass roof and biparting sliding doors.

Biophilic design was a large part of the designing process for this modern extension as the brief included creating a space with a strong connection to nature.

To create a sense of continuity, and to allow the indoor and outdoor spaces to be completely merged when the doors are open, the same flooring material is used both inside of the extension and the garden’s outdoor seating area. 

triple glazed ultra-slim sliding glass door in a contemporary extension in Leicester
slim sliding glass doors in a rear extension in midlands traditional house

In order to create a highly thermally efficient glass extension, minimal windows double glazed sliding glass doors were specified, along with a large structural glass roof and aluminium casement window which were all manufactured with a low e coating. 

The slim sliding doors were installed to provide access between the inside of the glass extension and the garden area. Our slim sliding glass doors have a large polyamide thermal break and argon gas insulating cavities that create thermally effective glazing for the extension. The sliding glass doors meet in a biparting configuration, sliding away from each other to reveal a large open aperture.  

With a minimal 21mm sightline, the lightweight nature of this high-quality aluminium framing creates a sliding glass door that can easily be controlled manually. 

The slim framing maximises the glazing experience and allows the homeowners to enjoy views of the stunning landscape in all weather conditions. Natural light floods into the living space through the glass doors and highlights the biophilic interior design. 

thermally broken triple glazed ultra-slim sliding glass doors
bespoke pressings over double glazed sliding glass doors in a Leicester home glass extension

The slim sliding doors from minimal windows were combined with other high-performance glazing solutions like the glass roof and casement windows in this modern highly glazed extension design. A large aluminium framed casement window was installed on one of the elevations to provide natural light to every corner of the new space. 

A big structural glass roof was installed with steel supports. The steel supports were chosen to match the traditional house style. The rest of all aluminium framings were finished with a dark powder coating to protect the style of the extension. 

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