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Manderley Pool House

A modern pool house utilises minimal windows sliding glass doors to maximise natural light and scenic views.

This stunning luxury home follows the architecture style of a traditional rural English manor house. The home was extended to include a pool house that is attached to the main house.

The building has a unique ‘U’ shape and the existing home utilises glazing solutions to provide stunning views of the outdoors and maximise natural light in the internal living spaces.

minimal windows sliding glass doors were specified to surround the indoor pool area, allowing the pool to receive some of the same benefits of an outdoor pool.

The minimal framing on our systems allows a vast amount of natural light in and the glazing systems can be opened to increase air flow and forge a strong bond with nature.

pool house with a modern grey brick exterior and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors
slim framed aluminium sliding doors from minimal windows around a luxury indoor pool area

Internally, the modern pool house follows a very minimal design with natural, warm toned flooring, simple yet elegant décor and a stunning blue rectangular pool.

The light colours of the internal building finishes and water almost mimic the aesthetic of a sandy beach, perfect for creating a space where you can relax and escape the stresses of day to day life.

This strong display of biophilic design combined with the influx of natural light work together to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Ultra slim sightlines on the high quality aluminium sliding glass doors offer stunning views of both the traditional Romanesque church building next door and the surrounding nature.

indoor pool area surrounded by sliding glass walls made from minimal windows sliding glass doors
contemporary pool house extension featured minimal windows slim framed aluminium sliding doors

Externally, the pool house follows a contemporary design with a grey cuboid design utilising oversized brick. This contrasts with the more traditional building style to create a unique overall design.

The floor-to-ceiling minimal windows sliding glass doors create entire sliding walls of glass, which from the outside forms a striking glazing elevation.

The internal pane of glass in the insulated sliding glass door is laminated so in the unlikely event of breakage, the shattered glass will be held in place to prevent shards from injuring occupants or damaging the pools filtration system.

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