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Gota Dam

This modern African villa, which sits on a rocky mountainside overlooking an African dam, was designed with minimal windows in collaboration with Studio Seilern. The creative construction, which was created as a recording studio for a musician, is tucked away in a private area and has architectural glazing to take full advantage of the breathtaking setting.

gota dam oversized sliding doors
gota dam oversized sliding doors (1)

Designing for African Climate

The modern new construction makes use of a variety of materials in large finishes, such as timber-clad roofs that extend beyond the building’s perimeter and large glazing solutions that were custom-engineered. In addition to providing shade for the living area below and lowering solar glare throughout the day, the spacious overhanging roof is aesthetically pleasing and a stand-out feature of the home. Because of Africa’s intense sun, the largely glass home needed sun protection to be functional, while preserving modern architectural style.

gota dam oversized sliding doors (2)

Oversized sliding doors for terrace access.

Slim framed oversized sliding doors provide access to the expansive outdoor terraces that encircle the house. The oversized sliding doors facilitate the merging of interior and outdoor spaces, with sliding glass walls providing terrace access at various places on each elevation. Each of the glazing solutions included a full thermal break to separate the internal and external temperatures, keeping the air-conditioned home cool throughout the daytime.

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