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Project 11 Glass House

glazed extension

This modern home created a light-filled glass extension with the use of sliding minimal windows®. The white aluminium framed sliding doors make up three sides of the house extension, offering really minimal sight lines and great views over the garden.

sun-trap seating area for the homeowners

The purpose of the glazed extension was to create a sun-trap seating and reading area for the homeowners. No matter the weather outside they are able to sit in the sun and enjoy the views over their garden.

Outside the clear, minimally framed glass doors overlook a tranquil water feature and green landscaped garden.

The sliding nature of the slim patio doors allows easy access out onto the patio area when required.

The architects designed the roof detail in a way that minimised the roof structure from the extension view, dropping the internal ceiling to allow for lighting and insulation. This also meant that they were able to integrate curtains into the glass extension design without compromising on the desired floor to ceiling glass finish.