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Cuddington Mill

old mill renovation using minimally framed sliding glass doors

A large renovation project in Buckinghamshire looked to extend and refurbish an old mill building using our minimally framed sliding glass doors to help mix new and old. The contemporary glazing design contrasts effectively with the traditional features of the old mill building creating bright and inviting living spaces whilst maintaining the design integrity of the traditional building.

The contemporary design for the extension to the mill incorporates our minimally framed sliding glass doors in various door openings. The slim 21mm framing of these sliding glass doors takes advantage of the surrounding views with minimal visual interruption, drawing in even more natural light into the open plan living spaces as well as providing key access to the outside patio area.

Two sets of slim frame sliding glass doors were installed as part of the extension section of the renovation project allowing views to be enjoyed from the new modern living spaces and creating flush threshold access onto a rear courtyard. 

A three track minimal windows sliding door was installed within the glazed link that connects the new and old building structures together. Here the minimally framed sliding glass doors maintained a transparent tunnel of glass, leading from the double height, large floor to ceiling frameless glass façade throughout to the garden on the other side. The minimalistic design desired by the client was achieved, creating light open plan living space to entertain family and friends.

The aluminium framing was finished with a light grey powder coat. Contrasting effectively with the timber cladded wall and pale brick colour providing it with a contemporary design finish.

IQ Glass UK installed this installation of KELLER minimal windows® and are the sole UK installer for KELLER minimal windows® within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing KELLER minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.