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Primrose Cottage

Linking Indoor Outdoor Living spaces.

Primrose Cottage is home to a family based in Chorleywood, Buckinghamshire who were in desperate need of more light, more space and a way in which they could connect their large garden as an extended space, rather than the separate entity it once was. Linking indoor and outdoor spaces can help an interior feel larger even if it’s a small garden or terrace which is extremely desirable in the UK with the lack of large living spaces.  

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living is one of the most popular architectural trends at present with architectural glazing being the first option in achieving an indoor, outdoor experience.

The use of specialist glazing was fundamental in achieving their goals, the architects chose to use two sets of slim framed sliding glass doors by minimal windows® at the rear which allowed the flow of natural light to saturate the home.  The frameless aesthetic is achieved through the external frames being able to be hidden within the wall finishes which is the beauty of this design, as it gives clear view of the garden from the inside with the modern sliding glass doors open or closed.

To invite in even more light clerestory windows were added above all the ground floor glazing, using slim and frameless structural glass. Two frameless fixed rooflights were inserted within each section of the glazed extension, all of which were powder coated to the same RAL colour as the minimal windows sliding doors, to keep in line with the architect’s design.

IQ Glass UK installed this installation of KELLER minimal windows® and are the sole installer for KELLER minimal windows® within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing KELLER minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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