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Tower Avenue

Three pane glass door in Esher 

This large family home in issue is completely renovated and extended thanks to the use of our three pane glass door. Four sets of colour minimal windows worth used throughout the renovation and extension opening up the interior of the home to the garden and maximising light from the north facing elevations.  

The slim frame sliding glass doors were chosen by the client as they had seen the same doors on their brothers renovation. . After visiting the showroom in Amersham the killer minimal windows were the only choice for the project. 

The three pane glass door allows the centre of the opening to be a clear pane of glazing. This is a popular choice for glass sliding doors to keep the centre of the door opening where you’re most likely to look free of any framing and obstruction.  

The main three pane glass sliding door to the rear elevation was designed with all three glass panels sliding. this type of configuration creates freedom of movement from the inside to the out as you can slide and open the glass sliding doors to either side of the opening.  

The RAL colour reference used for all glazing on this project was RAL 7022 MATT. This is a grey matte finish with a very subtle green hue. All other glazing on the project was also finished to this RAL reference to ensure that there was a continual theme. 

Each minimal windows sliding door on the project used the Type 2 lock which is operated internally via a thrust lever handle.   All locking handles were fitted at the standard 1.1m from FFL.  

All drainage for the ground floor sliding doors was ‘by others’ with the minimal windows sub base drainage frame feeding the water into this channel which went around the building.  

The three-pane glass sliding door has a combined total glass weight of around 750kg. 

The overall size of the opening that the three-pane glass sliding  was installed within was 4852 mm wide by 2830 tall. This meant that each glass pane was made to exactly 2678mm tall by 1600mm wide, of course this was done to leave enough room for the frame. 

The sliding doors to the kitchen/living space were designed as a corner glass door. This included a three-pane minimal window sliding door with a fixed unit which wrapped around the corner. This configuration provided panoramic views from the living areas to the garden and foliage outside.  

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