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Cheshire Pool House

Cheshire Pool House is one of minimal windows more historic projects with it being completed just after 2010. Regardless of its age the white sliding doors installed have stood the test of time and serve as the ideal door system for garden access from the bespoke pool house.

Aluminium marine grade sliding doors.

The pool house was built as an extension to the luxury home, which follows an all-white, modern theme. The pool house is vast and features double height ceilings to improve ventilation and airflow, the white sliding doors also allow for an added ventilation option as well as providing a great deal of light into the pool.

The sliding doors align with the fixed glazing that features on the upper elevation to ensure that all sightlines are in-line and uniform. This greatly improves the overall aesthetic of the swimming area and contributes to the futuristic, modern look of the estate.

white sliding doors

Ultra slim sliding doors built to last.

Due to the heavy usage and frequent exposure to water, the minimal windows system had to be prepared for water, condensation, and rust. As the system is primarily used for ventilation and easy garden access, the tracks and frames had to be marine grade coated which provides full protection from heavy water exposure. This coating is most commonly used for coastal projects; however, it can be adapted for projects such as this one.

The white sliding doors have been installed in a bi-parting configuration which allows for a vast opening size. While opened the door frames still align with the above structural glazing to ensure the minimal, modern effect is not hindered.

Overall the sliding systems have allowed for easy pool house to garden access and ensures full security as well as providing a great deal of light into the pool and leisure space.

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