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Bird Protection Glass for Double Height Glass Doors

minimal windows aims to install the best glazing solutions for modern architectural projects. Large glass walls and doors provide large amounts of natural light, ability to have uninterrupted views, and highlight interior designs. The glass surfaces connect outdoors with indoors and expand working and living spaces. 

Double height glazing enhances that design feature even further by extending eye lines and enlarging spaces.  

However, large expanses of double height glass can sometimes be dangerous for the animals such as birds. Birds’ death due to accidently flying into glass surfaces is something that can be easily designed out of a building design with the use of Bird Protection Glass.

bird protection glass in a penthouse
bird protection glass

Bird Protection Glass Technology

Research has shown that even with the increase in the use of reflective coatings such as solar control and low e, birds cannot see these clear glass surfaces. Minimally framed glazing systems create an invisibility when the trees, grass or sky are reflected on the glass surface. Birds will not realise the facade, and collisions can then occur.  

However, birds are extra sensitive to UV lights and the Ultraviolet Spectrum. Bird Protection Glass uses this to its advantage and creates a transparent glass with pattered UV reflective coating. This specialist pattern coating is applied within a glass panel which can then be integrated into all specialised glass constructions, including double height sliding glass doors.  

The coating within the glass is invisible to the human eye but is designed in a pattern that is naturally averting for birds, such as a cobweb or similar design. The coating then allows birds to see the glass installed and avoid it.

bird protection in a new build house
bird protection glazing in a sliding glass door

How does Bird Protection Glass work?

The created patterns are inspired by the natural environment and look like spider webs. This designed pattern reflects the UV lights and make the glass visually detective for birds so they can avoid it.

The intricate pattern within the glass is almost impossible to be seen by humans due to the high transparency. Therefore, it won’t affect the vision of the view and don’t make any changes to the architectural design with clear glass surface.  

The coating is applied within a laminated glass unit which can then be integrated into an insulated glass unit. The thermal performance of the resulting glass ranged between 0.6-1.1 W/m2K depending on the glass composition.  

With pane sizes up to the maximum of 2.8 x 6 m and the thickness between 4 to 10 mm, this glass can easily be used within double height elevations of glass such as pivot doors, vertical sash windows or sliding doors.

4m tall slim sliding glass door
vertical sliding glass wall in a new build house

Double Height Glass Example Projects

This stunning London home renovation included an impressive double height extension with oversized minimal windows slim sliding glass doors which reached 4.5 metres tall. These oversized sliding doors were created amazing connection between the indoor and the outdoor. Moreover, they gave the ability to have a stunning garden view and provided a massive amount of natural light into the whole open plan living space. 

Another great example is Dormers with its oversized vertical sash windows. The minimal windows glazing system created great area to reach to the landscape garden. Also, three panes glasses are provided a ventilation system for the house and natural light for two floors at the same time. 

For more information on specifying bird protective glasses, contact the minimal windows® team today.