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double-height vertically sliding windows

This impressive new build in Henley-on-Thames included the installation of KELLER AG minimal windows® Guillotine Windows. These vertically sliding windows extend over a double height living space at the rear of this home.

the guillotine window

The Guillotine Window is a unique window design that allows large sliding panes of glass to vertically slide up or down, with all panes meeting in the centre of the opening. This futuristic glazing system can either be manually operated (with the aid of counter-weights) or automated. Due to the large scale that these windows can be manufactured to, when the windows are open they can also be used as a walkway between the internal and external living spaces.

Throughout this project, various large glazing systems were installed to create a beautifully bright and airy home while creating an indoor-outdoor living environment. Alongside the minimal windows® Guillotine Window, minimal windows® sliding doors were also installed to continue minimalistic framing throughout the home.

As the minimal windows® glazing systems can be installed with the outer frames of the windows hidden within the finishes of the walls, an incredible frameless aesthetic can be achieved which was highly desired for this project.

Various structural glazing was installed both within and externally to this new build. Frameless glass balustrades were installed to the external balconies and internally the large staircase was also enclosed with these balustrades.

The homeowners can enjoy this luxurious property and indulge in the well sought-after indoor-outdoor living environment.