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Double Height minimal windows® Installations

Incorporating double-height glazing into your home can really open up a space and maximise natural light flow into the home.

This can be in the form of oversized sliding glass doors, a vertical sash window or using minimal windows systems in conjunction with structural glazing.

minimal windows glazing systems can be automated and integrated with smart home automation for a modern glazing solution that can be opened and closed with extreme ease.

Using specially engineered glazing systems with modern glazing technologies, we can now provide homeowners with double-height glazing systems that are unmatched in both performance and design.

three pane double height sliding glass door with minimal aluminium framing in a double height kitchen-diner
double height oversized slim sliding doors with ultra-minimal framing

Double Height Sliding Glass Doors

When using the 4+ framing profile, the minimal windows sliding glass door has been tested to 4.5m tall. However, our systems have been installed up to a staggering 6m tall.

Factors such as the location of the project and wind load affect the maximum height for our slim sliding aluminium doors. Our team of skilled professionals will be able to assess this on a project-by-project basis to ensure there are no issues.

Our Portland Road project features a minimal windows 4+ sliding glass door that is 5770mm tall and was installed next to a double height void in a terraced London home.

As the location of this property doesn’t experience high winds as the doors are not in an exposed location, we were able to engineer a specially designed system that fit the projects specific requirements.

Another one of our projects, Kingston Road, uses the standard minimal windows sliding glass doors with a minimal sightline of just 21mm. This system has been tested to a height of 4m, however, this installation uses a three-pane sliding door that is 4.5m tall.

Double height sliding doors were specified to allow as much natural light as possible into the double height kitchen and dining area which also features a mezzanine floor level.

three double height automated vertical sash windows in a luxury new build home
three pane vertical sliding sash window creating a 12m tall glass façade with an opening

Double Height Vertical Sash Windows

Our minimal Vertical Sash window system tends to be specified as a double-height glazing installation as this way large panes can be used to create a stunning focal point of a home that also acts as a functional entrance and exit.

This sash window system creates horizontal openings that are ideal for large glass facades including double-height glass elements.

One of our projects features a large specialist glazing package designed by our glazing partners IQ Glass UK. The rear of the home has a double height minimal Vertical Sash window that is 4.2m in width and reaches just over 6m tall.

The system is a three pane vertical sliding window and the centre pane is fixed. The top and bottom panes are moved manually to meet in the middle, leaving a space at the bottom that connects the garden and internal living space.

Air is able to flow freely into the new build home from above and the slim aluminium framing on this oversized vertical sliding window system causes minimal obstruction to the flow of natural light and provides stunning, uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

Our Camlet Way project uses three identical automated minimal Vertical Sash windows to create bright light internal double height living spaces. The windows reach just over 6m in height and are 1.4m each in width.

The bottom panes of the sash windows can be side upwards with ease to create a large opening that can be used to access the stunning garden at the rear of the home.

double height glass façade around a luxury home used fixed glazing to create double height glass walls
double height glass façade and minimal windows slim sliding doors used in a luxury new build home

Double Height Glass Facades

Double height glass facades can be created using a wide range of minimal windows glazing systems. Our luxury aluminium glazing systems can also be used in conjunction with structural glazing resulting in striking elevations.

If you would like to incorporate double height glazing into your next project, get in touch with the minimal windows team who will be able to talk you through your options and advise on the best glazing solutions for your specific project.

Click here to see case studies with double height glazing elevations.

For more information about double height glazing using minimal windows® get in touch with the team today.

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