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Brixton House Longlisted for Don’t Move Improve.

A house modernised by glazing.

Brixton House on Helix Road has been longlisted for the “Don’t Move Improve Awards”.

The project was undertaken with the aim to modernise the otherwise traditional home, therefore increasing its longevity for the residence, and increasing the property value.

Brixton House features our slim sliding door which, when opened covers the exterior white wall. The kitchen has also been renovated, and our bespoke frameless glazing has been specified for a slot window to ensure the kitchen work top area can catch natural light.

A second set of our slim sliding glass door system has been installed for easy access to the main garden. This system follows the grey framing theme and accompanies the standard frame viewing window on the upper level extension. To ensure that the opening is not restricted by glass panels stacking, the door configuration has been design to integrate a hidden pocket on both sides for the doors to slide into and become invisible.

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