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A Farmhouse Vertical Sliding Sash Window

Just off of the A53 connecting Stoke-on-Trent and Shrewsbury is Lodge Farm Farmhouse which is currently undergoing a renovation to preserve the home and bring it forward into the 21st century.

With breathtaking views of the English countryside and British architecture which still stands it was of great importance to ensure that the building could still be appreciated for its farming history.

Farmhouse Sliding Vertical Sash Window
Farmhouse Sliding Vertical Sash Window 2

Farmhouse vertical sliding sash window

In order to present the family home as a renovated modern space, the highest quality glazing system have been specified. The farmhouse vertical sliding sash window have been designed to connect seamlessly with the brand-new extension. The sash window system is becoming more popular and frequent as it not only provides a great deal of light and opening size, it also acts as a great way to modernise a home.

This particular farmhouse vertical sliding sash system has been specified as a two-pane system with the top pane being fixed and the bottom pane sliding upwards and tucking behind the fixed pane. The opening size is large enough for family or guests to walk freely out into the outside space to fully appreciate the views.

Installation of the farmhouse vertical sliding sash window

Installation of the sliding sash window can be a difficult process for our expert install teams. First of all the fixed pane needs to be installed and be structurally safe when boned to the house structure. To fix the glazing and frame in place the team have to build a tower internally similar to scaffolding and then lift the glazing with a smart lifting robot. The robot secures the system in place and allows the team to work freely on the install.

Once this has been completed and checked the moving sliding sash can be installed. This process involves the team placing the glazing onto its tracks, securing them together and then checking over the product to be sure that the motor is working correctly.

Specification of the farmhouse vertical sliding sash window

For this project the vertical sash window was specified to be 3800mm wide by 4000mm high with two motors used.

The glazing was also heat soak tested to nullify any risks of spontaneous breakage. You can read more on HST here.

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