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Internal Windows For Light

Glazing can be used to transform an internal living space both practically and aesthetically. Advances in modern glazing technology have taken the uses of glazing to a new level. With a range of frame finishes and configurations available and flush thresholds, the possibilities are endless.

People often think of glazing as a purely functional element but in fact it can be utilised to transform a building exterior or be designed to complement the interior design.

minimal windows systems can be used to enhance the interior design elements in many ways. The small amount of frame that’s visible can be designed to compliment or contrast with the internal décor.

The lack of bold framing means that minimal windows systems do not draw attention away from the decorative features but instead let in floods of natural light to make the interior design the star of the space.

Slim Glazing and Light Complementing in Interior Design

Only the vertical profiles are visible on the minimal windows sliding door systems, as the head and base frames are concealed within the building finishes. These sightlines can be as slim as 21mm but can still be utilised to highlight the interior design elements.

A great example of this is using a light, neutral colour such as white for both the internal walls and the glazing frames. This minimal design with the large glass panes allows the furniture and accessories to be the focal point.

Brightly coloured furniture or artwork hung on the walls becomes the centre of attention, whilst the glass and white colours make these elements stand out even more.

Another interior design choice could be walls inspired by nature, either using actual natural materials such as stone and wood or using a design that mimics nature. Large glazing elevations will highlight any natural materials, working alongside them by displaying views of the outdoors.

minimal windows high end sliding glass doors connecting the interior design with nature

Biophilic Design and Glazing

Windows can help you reinvent your interiors by using the views of the outdoors as inspiration. Earthy tones, natural prints and textured fabrics help to blur the line between contemporary and the natural.

Any internal spaces like this, that have been designed to forge a strong bond with the exterior, can benefit hugely from oversized glazing systems. The external views highlight the biophilic theme within the living spaces.

Natural light can affect colour perception and when designing interiors, natural light is regarded as the preferred light source. When putting together a colour scheme for a room, it is designed with natural light in mind.

It is because of this that any system that aids in maximising natural light only benefits the interior design further. The influx of natural light helps internal décor to reach its full potential, highlighting the colours and materials used.

minimal windows slim sliding glass doors ina corner configurations connecting the dining area and outdoors
minimal windows slim sliding glass doors either side of a contemporary shaker style kitchen

Changing the Room Shape and Size With Glazing

By using large elevations of glass, like those in the minimal windows systems, it increases the perceived size of the room. Expansive glazing creates the illusion that an interior space extends beyond its actual size.

The natural light and wide views of the open outdoors can make a room feel significantly larger and more spacious. This allows for more freedom with the interior design and wall colours, as there is less chance of the interior design making the space feel smaller.

One important fact of interior design is lines, lines are used to help shape a room and guide the eye. minimal windows glazing systems can be used to create a sense of horizontal continuity and highlight certain elements by drawing attention to them.


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